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About Us

Ultra Soap International creates world-class, sustainable, and biodegradable concentrated cleaning products packaged in reusable and recyclable containers. We create consumer goods with high tech formulas comparable to the highest quality products available anywhere. We use the best, most efficient, and earth-friendly ingredients available. All of our products are made in the United States. We thrive on perpetually improving our products with ever more sustainable options that are healthier for your family and your home environment.

UltraSoap Family

We are Factory Direct

We don’t sell retail. Putting our products in stores only served to cost our customers more money. Now, Ultra Soap International ships directly from the factory. We cut out the middlemen in order to save you money.

You can purchase laundry detergent for your home, powerful cleaning supplies for your business, or even help your child raise funds for their team. All products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Ultra Home Care

For households that want to save money on their home care products, we offer many of our products in bulk 5 gallon containers. Our detergents and fabric softeners come in 16 varieties, including, Mountain Fresh, Fresh Breeze, and Tropical Escape, so your fabrics always come out smelling fresh and amazing.

Ultra Fundraising

Schools and Sports teams frequently call upon kids to raise money by selling cookies, popcorn, and any number of items to friends and family. Why not fund raise with products people actually need?


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